Dave Ramsey on the CBS Early Show
These links are to CBS's web site, where you can read and watch Dave as he speaks on various money-related topics for The Early show.

Real Estate Advice (6/24/08)

What To Tell Teens About Money (4/2/08)

Marriage-Risking Money Secrets (2/12/08)

Expert: Recession? WHAT Recession? (1/29/08)

Your Money Questions Answered (1/29/08)

Curing "Financial Hangovers" (1/8/08)

The Cure For Credit 'Hangover' (1/8/08)

Don't Lend Money To The Kids (12/11/07)

Holidays Bring -- Family Spats Over Money (12/11/07)

How To Teach Kids About Credit Cards (11/27/07)

Expert: Treat Credit Cards Like Grinch (11/13/07)

Holiday Credit Relief (11/27/07)

Housing Crisis Analysis (10/16/07)

When's The Best Time To Buy A House? (10/2/07)

When Not To Buy A Home (10/2/07)

College Students Prime Target For ID Theft (8/21/07)

"Sandwich Generation" In Financial Bind (8/8/07)

Sandwich Generation Finances (8/8/07)

Murphy's Law of Finances (6/26/07)

Quick Tips To Avoid Money Problems (6/26/07)

Dave Ramsey, Money Answer Man (5/1/07)

Navigating Subprime Mortgage Mess (4/3/07)

Loans To Avoid At All Costs (3/6/07)

Getting Lower Credit Card Rates (2/20/07)

Dave Ramsey, Money Answer Man (1/30/07)

Setting, Meeting Financial Goals (1/9/07)

Overcoming Holiday Debt Hangovers (12/26/06)

Get Rich By Giving (12/12/06)

'Financial Checkup' Time For College Kids (11/14/06)

Finances For 'Brady Bunch' Families (9/19/06)

Keep College From Breaking The Bank (8/8/06)

Averting Financial HEL (7/25/06)

Money Makeover Getting Results (6/27/06)

Nerds, Free Spirits Clash On Spending (6/13/06)

Shedding Student Loan Debt (5/25/06)

'Financial Infidelity' Can Cost You (5/2/06)

Money Makeover Gets Results (3/21/06)

Tax Refunds: Fools' Gold? (2/21/06)

Setting Up a Love Drawer (2/7/06)

Bargaining for Bargains (1/24/06)

Key To Meeting Your Money Goals: You (1/10/06)

Advice for Single Parents (11/15/05)

Giving Grandpa Financial Advice (11/1/05)

Worried About Your Credit Score? (10/18/05)

Time to Budget for the Holidays (10/4/05)

Teach Kids the Value of a Dollar (9/20/05)

Car Buying Quandaries Cleared Up (8/23/05)

Buying A Home And Peace Of Mind (8/9/05)

60 Minutes - Crusade Aganist Credit (8/28/05)

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