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The FPU kit includes a nice set of envelopes suitable for a "starter" system, but if you're like me, you need quite a few more envelopes than are provided in the kit. I checked into ordering additional envelopes from "dave's store" at , but they only sell the entire system there (for $19.95, if you happen to need the whole thing), and not just the plain envelopes.

So for over a year I used plain white office envelopes for my envelope system. These are very inexpensive, but they're not built to be handled as often as our envelopes are. They frequently need to be replaced, don't hold up well in purse or pocket, and get ratty-looking rather quickly. So I decided I needed to find an envelope that is (a) slightly larger than dollar-size, and (b) much sturdier than the garden-variety office envelopes we'd been using.

At a local office supply super-store I came upon "#7 coin" envelopes. These are sturdy manilla envelopes, and just the right size. They come in a box of 500, so I asked the clerk about breaking a box apart for me. She happily obliged, and so I bought several dozen at 3 cents each, a real bargain! Here's a bigger picture of a few of the envelopes:

I did the printing on my inkjet printer. I like the way the FPU envelopes are printed, with ledger lines for you to write deposit and withdrawl information on each envelope. I wanted to print something similar on my sturdy new coin envelopes. To accomplish this I created a merge document in Microsoft Word that is formatted to print on #7 Coin envelopes. I also created a source document in Microsoft Excel that contains my particular envelope list. Here are those files. NOTE: the first time you open the Word doc, you'll probably have to "point" it to the Excel Sheet. After doing this, save the document, and it won't bother you any more.

Right-click on each of these documents, and select the "Save Target As..." option (or similar) to save these files to your own machine.



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